A crash course for onboarding new starters at MLC Life Insurance.

Welcome to MLC Life Insurance

For your first few weeks you may get overwhelmed trying to work out the ins-and-outs of MLC Life Insurance, or Life Insurance in general. That's why we created this crash course, to simplify the organisation to help you at least learn the basics.

At the core, MLC Life Insurance is split into two halves: Retail and Group.

Retail and Group


Retail is classic life insurance, where the customer proactively purchases life insurance through their adviser. They may have already known they needed life insurance, or their adviser may have recommended it to them.  To purchase retail life insurance, you must complete underwriting; a process which helps us assess the degree of risk an applicant brings to the table before we assume that risk. We ask a lot of detailed questions through this process so we can make sure we're providing appropriate cover.

The main difference between retail customers and group customers is that MLC Life Insurance engages directly with the retail customer, whereas group customers engage with us through their super fund or employer.


Group insurance is life insurance inside your superannuation which you get when you sign up to a fund (a superannuation company). Group insurance is significantly cheaper than retail life insurance because it's not designed specifically for you.

As group insurance is cheaper and less specific to your personal circumstances, the claim rate is a lot lower, meaning less group customers are successful when submitting a claim. The group claim success rate is around XX%, where the retail claim success rate is around XX%.  The government has decided to remove Life Insurance within super for customers under 25 with a low super balance, but they can apply if they feel they need it.


MLC Life Insurance currently manages four customer facing platforms. Two group platforms - LifeView Member and LifeView Admin, and two retail platforms - Customer Portal and Adviser Portal.

Group - LifeView

The LifeView admin platform is used by superannuation fund admins to manage their life insurance customers. They can onboard, remove, update and claim through LifeView.

The LifeView member platform is used by group customers to manage their life insurance within their super. They can update their details, use tools and calculators, increase or decrease their insurance and claim through LifeView.

LifeView is a white-labelled platform designed to maintain a seamless experience for group customers (members), as they access LifeView through their super platform.

Retail - Customer and adviser

The retail adviser platform is used by advisers who write business with MLC Life Insurance.

The retail customer platform is used by MLC Life Insurance customers who have obtained their insurance through an adviser.